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Austin Duplex: Before & After Part I

Hi everyone!

As some of you might have seen, our little Austin duplex was featured on Apartment Therapy a few weeks back. The duplex has been in our landlord's family for years, and he had been wanting to renovate for a while. When he found out I worked in design, he hired me to design the entire thing (on his budget of course)! It was just a really serendipitous situation all around. We redid the floors; painted interior and exterior; installed new kitchen counter tops, hardware, and backsplash; and retiled the bathroom. You will be amazed at the difference these changes make!

The previous tenants were kind enough to let me take before photos while they were in the middle of packing and upheaval. So, without further ado, for our first installment I give you the before and after photos of the living room!

I apologize, the before photos are pretty blurry (but let's be real, aren't they always?).



living 2.JPG
living room 1.JPG

and after



See what a difference paint and textiles can make? Also, Bill and I have carted my grandmother's china cabinet around to no fewer than six locations in the past six years. That is love. Apartment Therapy likes to keep things pretty realistic, otherwise I would have saved your eyes from the TV cords, remote controls, and lack of planter for my tree :) I hope you enjoyed the tour! Next week, I'll give you the before and afters of the kitchen. This part of the house might be the most dramatic....stay tuned.